The Center For Iyengar Yoga
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The Center for Iyengar Yoga is a yoga school located in Royal Oak, MI whose purpose is to practice, study, and teach the art, science and philosophy of Iyengar Yoga. We provide progressive, dynamic classes and workshops with Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers (C.I.Y.T.s) to empower students of all levels. Our mission is to transform the fabric of life by helping others weave the authentic practice of Yoga into its center.


12-Week Winter Iyengar Yoga Session begins 5 January 2019

It is often said, “continuity of practice is the secret of success” in yoga. To support this, we offer our classes in a progressive, multi-week fashion (known as “Sessions”). Much like a University course, there is “in-class” time that is designed to be supplemented by personal practice. This regularity not only ensures the practices are learned safely and effectively, it also builds consistency which aids progress. We feel the “sessions” approach to teaching yoga is the best way to empower any student to develop a robust personal practice of yoga, the magic ingredient of positive transformation. Please click here to view our 2019 Winter Schedule of Classes.